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Huawei SUN2000 series (5KTL-M0, 6KTL-M0, 8KTL-M0, 10KTL-M0, 12KTL-M0) smart inverters, the most prominent highlight is the industry's first AI-supported distributed photovoltaic inverter.

Arc is a hidden danger of fire caused by photovoltaic systems, especially for distributed photovoltaic systems, the fire caused by it will bring huge losses to the owner's investment, assets and life safety. The intelligent arc detection AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter) function based on AI technology can detect and judge the occurrence of an arc, and effectively cut off the grid-connected switch, eliminate the arc, actively eliminate the fire hazard caused by the photovoltaic system, and prevent unburned . The introduction of machine learning artificial intelligence technology enables the inverter to continuously accumulate and detect the characteristic parameters of the arc, thereby optimizing and improving the ability to identify the arc, more accurately and reliably detecting the real arc, and adding a safe Protection lock.

Distributed Smart Photovoltaic: 1MW rooftop has more than 700,000 revenues in 25 years. Huawei is leading the new era of smart photovoltaics with its distributed smart photovoltaic solutions with higher revenue, safe and reliable, and intelligent operation and maintenance. High power generation revenue: multi-channel MPPT, 3% increase in power generation, 1MW roof revenue of more than 700,000 in 25 years; maintenance-free: no fuse and other wearing parts, saving spare parts, operation and maintenance costs 110,000/MW; good grid connection performance: The smart photovoltaic controller itself does reactive power compensation, and the system power factor is better than the grid requirements to avoid being fined; the smart inverter accurately detects arc generation, and the power is cut off immediately to prevent fire hazards; distributed smart hosting cloud, one screen anytime, anywhere Grasp the status of the system. As the spring of distributed photovoltaics is approaching, Huawei will add a landscape full of AI to this good season, creating an extremely safe, extremely simple and beautiful customer experience, making this spring even brighter!

Huawei SUN2000 series smart inverter

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