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MS series (7~10kW)

Goodway MS series photovoltaic inverters fully meet the market demand for high-power single-phase household models, and are suitable for rural houses and urban villas with larger roof areas. While ensuring the income of household power generation, it can greatly reduce In some scenarios, the system cost investment of installing two or more low-power single-phase inverters was originally required, which also greatly saved the operation and maintenance costs of the photovoltaic system in the later period. On the basis of maintaining all the excellent features of previous single-phase products, this series also integrates more safety protection functions, allowing you to enjoy safe power generation and safe use of electricity.

Goodwe MS Series Photovoltaic Inverter

SKU: 217537123517253
  • Purchase and shipping policy

    This product can only be purchased in Hong Kong and China. After you place an order on this page, our company will confirm your order through WeChat or WhatsApp, and will arrange shipment after payment.

    The product manufacturer has a one-year maintenance service. For maintenance matters, please contact the manufacturer.

    The company accepts WeChat transfer, Alipay transfer, Hong Kong or domestic bank account transfer, cheque or cash on delivery payment.

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