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Over the years, using high-quality materials and advanced technology to professionally produce between 160VA and 600KVA, HSG series three-phase dry-type transformers are our company's research and development of CNC system transformers based on similar products from Siemens, especially the three-phase dry-type transformers between 160VA-16KVA. Transformers, their appearance and installation dimensions have been standardized.

HSG series three-phase dry-type transformers are widely used in various three-phase power supply occasions with AC 50-60Hz and input and output voltages not exceeding 500V. The various input and output voltage levels of the product, the connection group, the number and position of the adjustment tap (usually ±5%), the distribution of winding capacity, the equipment of the secondary single-phase winding, the use of the rectifier circuit, whether it is required to have a casing And so on, can be carefully designed and manufactured according to user requirements.
ZSG series three-phase dry-type rectifier transformers are used for rectification equipment, charging, voltage regulation and DC power supply after rectification.

SG-10kVA three-phase dry-type transformer

SKU: 366615376135191
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    This product can only be purchased in Hong Kong and China. After you place an order on this page, our company will confirm your order through WeChat or WhatsApp, and will arrange shipment after payment.

    The product manufacturer has a one-year maintenance service. For maintenance matters, please contact the manufacturer.

    The company accepts WeChat transfer, Alipay transfer, Hong Kong or domestic bank account transfer, cheque or cash on delivery payment.

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